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Mother Earth Service Testimonials:

Frances A. - Orange County 

Mother Earth Maids arrived early to clean my condo. They took time to clean everything well and were quiet (I work from home). I felt that the quality of their work was excellent and I intend to have them come back every two weeks. They were good with my two friendly dogs. There were no toxic chemical smells afterwards. 3/2016

Barry R. - Tucson 

The staff of Mother Earth Maids gave us a terrific experience for the first time using their services. The arrived on time, and worked hard, cleaning everything from top to bottom. We were especially pleased with the outcome of the master shower. They even took on the grungy toaster oven, doing a remarkable job.  All rooms were left nice and clean. We intend to use their professional services again. 3/2016

Michael H. - Orange County

Mother Earth Maids was quick to respond to the deal purchased through Angie's List and setup a date for the house cleaning. The cleaning crew showed up on time and performed an initial walk through.  The crew worked efficiently and was thorough in covering all of the areas discussed during the walk through.  I would use them again for future house cleanings. 2/2016

Margaret C. - Tucson

Housekeeping services in Tucson. They are the best I've ever had! Thorough and anything extra I want done they do with no questions asked. Highly recommend! 2/2016

Natasha K. - Las Vegas

We just moved and it's been very stressful but Mayra, Maria & Claudia did a wonderful job !cleaning. I would never go with any other company than Mother Earth maids. They worked very hard, they are very professional, they'll always get AAA plus plus plus or 5 stars. They are so kind & and work very hard. They were gracious ,they were friendly, they work very hard & they cared It does not get any better than this !!!!! thank you Mother Earth Maids for sending such a great crew. 9/2015

Donna M.- Orange County, CA

They cleaned my bathrooms and kitchens beautifully. We have never seen our sinks and tubs so white. They got rid of the hard water deposits on the shower doors and made everything smell good and sparkle. I would definitely use them again. 7/2015

Cassandra M. - Tucson, AZ

A wonderful team came into my house and were a cleaning whirlwind. They paid attention to detail, did all kinds of extras (fan, fridge, microwave, etc.) that I didn't get with my former solo housekeeper, and were discreet, cheerful, and friendly. They brought all their own products and supplies and I had nothing to do but stay out of their way! 7/2015

Ian C. - Orange County, CA

Eta was 12noon they were 15minutes early. Within minutes they got to work. Very respectful of privacy and anything myself or my 2yr old daughter was doing. They asked permission to certain things such as using a stronger cleaning compound or if they could use a small bit of bleach out of concern for my daughter. It was 12hrs solid work (4 people 3hrs each) I never saw them stop working. End result was epic. This was an almost "shut up and take my money" experience . Thank you MEM 6/2015

Anita C. - Orange County, CA

Three women came punctually and worked non-stop for three hours. The house was covered in construction dust and quite a bit of dog and cat hair and they took care of it all -- floors, furniture, walls. In addition, they washed the top of and behind the refrigerator, changed the sheets, washed the windows and glass door, and cleaned three bathrooms. I am very happy with their work! 5/2015

Brenda P. Las Vegas
A move out cleaning of a 1700 sq ft house.  
Four ladies arrived just after the scheduled time.  They got straight to work, and I did a few things in the house, but had to leave to meet a repairman at another location.  The ladies worked and had everything very clean in 3 hours.  They cleaned the bathroom, leaving everything sparkling.  Cleaned out all the drawers and cabinets.  Cleaned window seals, sliding glass door slide tracking, oven, kitchen cabinets.  .  Just a very thorough job.  Very impressed, and would use again. 5/2015

Joseph R- Tucson

They did an excellent job!   The bathrooms and kitchen countertops shine like never before.  The stove and all the appliances are sparkling.  They cleaned all the windows inside (and we have a lot of them).  The main bath needed work and they left it immaculate.  The only difficulty was they worked for more than 4 hours (which was the agreement) and didn't clean the kitchen and laundry tile floors.  They checked with the office and said it would cost $35 more to do that work.  We said never mind and then they did it anyway.  We're still finding things that are spotless that we hadn't noticed. 3/2015

Sharon P- Las Vegas

first bought a deep clean special for $149.00.  The crew of 3 cleaners was here for 3 hours and did an excellent job. They cleaned  2 bathrooms, 1 master bedroom, an office, a great room, kitchen/dining area, and hallways and entry. They went above and beyond, cleaning high shelves, tops of high cabinets, all fans, etc.  I was very pleased with the job and decided to have them come once a month. There was no high pressure or contract to sign.  I am on a monthly. every 4 week schedule.  They have come once again, on time, with all cleaning supplies and equipment and did a fantastic job again! 1/2015

Deborah W- AZ

They did all the housecleaning that was on the list for this particular contact.  I was very happy... my home looked its best. Called before arriving.  Listened carefully to what I wanted to emphasize needed cleaning.  Worked hard the entire time.   All were courteous.  I felt comfortable having them in my home.   I can't  say enough about their  professionalism.  It was a wonderful experience.   I will contract again.  I wish I could have Mothers Earth Maids every week!!!!!! 1/2015

Margaret W- CA

Can't say enough how happy I was with everything. Karla and the crew rocked. It was the first time I didn't have anything to finish myself. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I will call and get some more appointments on the books right away. I would love to have this level of clean all the time it would make my life so much better. Thank you! 9/2014

Patti K-AZ

Deep cleaned my kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms and the hallways. I was exceedingly pleased with the thorough job that was performed at my house. I never knew the grout between the tiles in my dining room and kitchen is actually beige, not brown. My sink fixtures sparkle like jewelry, they even got the majority of the hard water stains off of the master bath shower doors, which is something I've worked on for years and never made progress. Everything smells wonderful and it was a real pleasure walking through my front door today after work. I would highly recommend this company; you can't go wrong! 7/2014

Victoria M- AZ

Deep cleaned the casa!
The cleaners just left and I wanted to make sure to write the review while it was fresh in my mind.  They did an outstanding job!  I am a very, very difficult person to impress when it comes to cleaning but they did it.  I bought the "deep clean" package and it was well worth it.  They scrubbed every corner of my house and provided little extras such as cleaning the dishes in the sink and re-making my bed (guess they didn't like how I did it, lol).  It was awesome!  I am loving my shiny clean house. I will definitely use them again.  They were professionals and it showed. 5/2014

Margaret W- CA

A team of 3 cleaned my 3 bed 2 bath home for 3-4 hours! I was preparing for holiday guests and emphasized bathrooms/bedrooms and overall clean. They were very detailed and was very happy with the service. My home was sparkling from top to bottom when they left:) I look forward to their return! 3/2014

Felicia C- CA

Amazing - Amy and her team were awesome, friendly, professional, well dressed, fast, and great at what they did!  My house is sparkling, and my toilets have never been so clean!  They even cleaned the windows in the kitchen and dining room and also spent extra time on a mirror that was cloudy and it looks so much better!  Thank you Amy! 1/9/2014

Sharon B- CA 

Mother Earth Maids thoroughly cleaned my home! I think they hire magicians, because their work was so good. They really knew what they were doing. Highly recommend!
I am completely satisfied with the high quality of Mother Earth Maids. The team worked in tandem to clean my house from top to bottom. They were pleasant, professional and fast. What more can a person ask for? 12/14/2013

Sherre W- AZ

WOW! Where do I start?  The arrived on time, introduced themselves, toured the house and went to work.  I bought an Angie's List deal and added time to it in advance.  They brought a 4 person team who worked steadily and hard, but laughed and enjoyed themselves while they cleaned.  They were extremely polite and respectful.  They cleaned the ceiling fans, light fixtures, high pot shelves, inside the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, shelves in the laundry room, baseboards, bathrooms, changed linens, mopped 2300 sq ft. saltillo, dusted and polished furniture, & cleaned kitchen.  I think what impressed me the most was they didn't just clean around things like other house-cleaners I've used did. 10/2013

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